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    10 Facts your never seen before go ahead, inspire your friends

    The World is Amazing And it's facts is More Amazing than World.

    #1 It can rain diamonds on other planets.

    Diamonds are definitely the galaxy's best friends in the galaxy. Studies have examined the possibility that Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn have to produce diamonds. The atmosphere on all four planets is under so much pressure that they can crystallize carbon atoms and turn them into diamonds. Scientists were able to create the right conditions in a lab to prove that it was located on Neptune and Uranus. What is different is that a different group of researchers speculate that some 2.2 million pounds of diamonds may be rained on parts of Saturn every year. Best 15 Science facts.

    #2. You can fly balls.

    If you rotate the ball when you drop it, it will fly into the air as you fall. It's called the Magnus effect, and it's easy to play tennis and football.

    #3. Water can be present in three states simultaneously.

    This is called a triple boil, and at this temperature, water is present simultaneously with gas, a liquid, and a solid. It requires very specific terms to achieve, so you don't even have to think about trying it at home. Check out these other "facts" that you've always believed are actually false.

    #4.There are only one type of masculine feathers.

    They would be leopard animals. Fly squirrels can jump from trees and jump, but they can't really fly like bats.

    #5 Helium can also work against gravity.

    When the helium cools to extreme temperatures, a few degrees away from absolute zero (-460˚F or -273˚C), it turns into an excessive flow, meaning it flows without friction. Can It can climb up and down the sides of the glass. It may leak into a container through Think Fix. If they start flowing like springs, they will never stop.Best 15 Science facts.

    #6 Solar energy is powerful.

    The energy they release is the equivalent of a 100 megaton atom bomb exploding in one go. It is a good thing that the Earth's atmosphere protects us from their radiation.

    #7. It is impossible to tear into space.

    When you fall to the ground, gravity keeps the solid and liquid down from the food you eat, so only gas comes out of your mouth. In the absence of gravity, gas cannot be separated from liquids and solids, so lubrication essentially turns into a spill. Check out foods that are actually banned from space.

    #8. About half of your body is bacteria.

    it's fine. According to a 2014 study, the human body contains 39 trillion bacteria and 30 trillion human cells. In the past, researchers believed that we are humans at a ratio of 10: 1. Although this new calculation may be close to the right number, it is not a hard truth.

    #9. Men are more likely to be color blind than women.

    The National Eye Institute reports that the most common type of responsible gene for color blindness is found on the X chromosome. Even if women have genes on one of their two X chromosomes, the genes that are functioning properly in the other will compensate for this loss. If men inherit the genes on their sole X chromosome, they will be color blind.

    #10. We have no idea what the majority of the universe is.

    About 96% of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy, which are unrecognizable to humans. Scientists believe that this is because the particles that produce these substances do not interact with regular matter or light. Although scientific discoveries about stars, planets and other galaxies are taking place all the time, it is impossible to draw any conclusions about the things that are hidden in our eyes.

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