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    150 Facts about Modern Technology and Old Tech

    Technology has created an improbable advancement over the past twenty years, and also the way forward for technology to some could appear unsettling, whereas to others it's going to be exciting.

    Here we’re attending to verify a hundred fascinating facts concerning old-school technology, likewise as a gift and art movement technical school.

    Top Technology Facts

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    1. 3. The English word for lesser panda is ‘Firefox’ that is wherever the browser gets its name from – this implies the Firefox emblem is truly a lesser panda, not a fox!
    2. 4. In 1994, the corporate WHO had a patent on GIFs tried to charge a fee for victimization GIFS. The PNG was fabricated as another, and also the company backed down.
    3. 5. The terribly initial Apple emblem featured Sir mathematician sitting beneath a tree, with associate apple getting ready to hit his head. don't miss this amazing fact.
    4. 6. Google rents out goats from an organization referred to as Calif. Grazing to assist hamper the quantity of weeds and brush at Google HQ!
    5. 7. The founding father of Microsoft, Bill Gates, was a school drop out.
    6. 8. Bill Gate home or house was designed or decorated employing a Macintosh laptop.
    7. 9. The word mechanism comes from the Czech “robota“. This interprets into forced labor or work.
    8. 10. CD’s (Compact discs) browse from the within to the surface edge, that is that the reverse of however records work.
    9. 11. You cannot reverse a Bitcoin dealing, or be forced to pay.
    10. 12. The average soul blinks seven times a second, the traditional rate is twenty times per minute.
    11. 13. The first-ever VCR (Video Camera Recorder), that was created in 1956, was the scale of a piano!
    12. 14. On a median workday, a typist’s fingers travel concerning twelve.6 miles.
    13. 15. The thirtieth of November is understood as “Computer Security Day“.
    14. 16. On the first Gregorian calendar month 2005, National Aeronautics and Space Administration force a prank telling the globe that they'd found water on Mars.
    15. 17. The radio took or take or taken approximately thirty-eight (38) years to succeed in a market audience of fifty (50) million. the tv took thirteen (13) years and also the iPod solely took three (3) years to succeed in a market audience of fifty (50) million.
    16. 18. Using a hands-free device to speak on the phone whereas driving is shown to be equally or additional dangerous than driving drunk.
    17. 19. If you were to own your image taken by the terribly initial camera, you’d have to be compelled to sit still for eight hours.
    18. 20. A medical man named Alfred Southwick fabricated the electrical chair.
    19. 21. The makers/creators/introducer of the PNG file format wished it to be pronounced or introduced as ‘ping’. Don't miss these Fascinating Facts.
    20. 22. Credit card EMV chip technology or tech has been around/about since nineteen eighty-six 1986. it absolutely was initially enforced in France, with European country following shortly once.
    21. 23. Alaska is that the solely state in America that may be written on one row of a conventional English typewriter keyboard.
    22. 24. The Apple II had a tough drive of solely five megabytes once it absolutely was launched in the Gregorian calendar month 1977.
    23. 25. Q33 was the primary plane to hit throughout 9/11 in 2001 after you sort in Q33 in Microsoft’s Wingding’s font, a really sinister issue appears; Q33
    24. 26. In general, individuals tend to browse the maximum amount as 100 percent slower from a screen than from paper.
    25. 27. Although GPS is free for the globe to use, it prices $2 million per day to control. the money comes from yank tax income.
    26. 28. There square measure computers designed for Mennonite individuals, with merchandising points like “No web, no video, no music”.
    27. 29. Ubuntu is one of the additional common distributions of UNIX. The word Ubuntu comes from associate African sense “I am attributable to you”.
    28. 30. The Name “Macintosh” Was impressed by associate degree Apple with the name “Mcintosh”.
    29. 31. Christopher Sholes fabricated the QWERTY keyboard in 1868. In 1932 prof August Antonin {dvorak|composer} created the Dvorak keyboard, that was created to be superior to the quality QWERTY keyboard. Don't miss technology facts.
    30. 32. Doug Engelbart created/invented/made up the terribly 1st mouse (computer device) from wood in 1964.
    31. 33. Spam mail got its name from the canned goods once a Monty Python acting that created fun of Spam as tasting “horrible and being present and unavoidable.”
    32. 34. In June 1983, the Apple Lisa was released; it had been the primary business laptop with a graphical computer program (GUI) and a mouse.
    33. 35. The original Xbox contained altered snippets of actual transmissions from the Apollo missions.
    34. In 1822, Charles Babbage created the primary laptop.
    35. 36. 1024 Gigabytes is capable one computer memory unit. one024 Terabytes is capable 1 computer memory unit, and one computer memory unit will hold thirteen.3 years of HD-TV video.
    36. 37. 86% of individuals attempt to plug their USB devices the wrong way up.
    37. 38. The last game for the Sega Mega Drive was free in 2010 and was thus in style it oversubscribed out before unharness.
    38. 39. During the primary live iPhone presentation, Steve Jobs had to ofttimes switch phones behind his table. Otherwise, it'd run out of RAM and crash.
    39. 40. The first grandfather clock might solely ring at four a.m.
    40. 41, A Welshman threw away a tough drive containing a staggering add of seven,500 bitcoins. The add equates to nearly $32 million and also the man can ne'er be ready to retrieve it because it was already buried below a hefty twenty-five,000 cubical meters of rubbish in 2013.
    41. 42. The average age of gamers within the u.  s. is thirty-five.
    42. 43. In 2010, the u.  s. Air Force used one,760 PlayStation 3’s to make a mainframe computer for the 44. Department of Defense. They used PS3’s as a result of it had been additional price economical and “green”. Food Facts.
    43. 45. The Sega Dreamcast was the primary 128-bit console within the market. it had been free in 1999 and was the primary console that allowed period on-line play.
    44. 46. Surgeons UN agency grew up taking part in video games to build thirty-seventh fewer mistakes.
    45. 47Nintendo was started in 1889 as a card company.
    46. 48. The astronauts of Apollo eleven couldn’t get insurance, thus instead they signed photos that their families might auction just in case the landing went wrong.
    47. 49. In Gregorian calendar month 2007, the PS3 DualShock controller won associate degree honor 
    48. 50. Award for ‘Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of computer game Controllers’ by The National Academy of tv Arts & Sciences.
    49. In January 2007, the PS3 DualShock controller won associate accolade Award for ‘Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of computer game Controllers’ by The National Academy of tv Arts & Sciences.
    50. In mobile games, hour of all revenue came from solely zero.23% of players.
    51. When sign language up to iTunes, if you settle for their Terms & Conditions, you conform to not use it to create nuclear weapons.
    52. 2.1 million individuals still use AOL 56k dial-up within the U.S.
    53. The Atari 2600 was originally referred to as “Atari Video pc System”, or “VCS”.
    54. When Snapchat launched in 2011, it had been named Picaboo, however in 2012, it had been renamed to Snapchat.
    55. In 2004, the “at” image utilized in emails (@) became the primary new character to be accessorial to international Morse code in many decades! The new character, referred to as the “Commat” consists of the signals for each A (dot-dash), and C (dash-dot-dash-dot) with no house or break in between. Random Facts about Everything
    56. The terribly 1st name registered was web.symbolics.com, on the fifteenth March, 1985.
    57. According to the Message Anti-Abuse working party, between half a mile and ninety two of all emails that were sent within the half of 2010 were spam.
    58. Anthony Greco was the primary or first man ever (world) inactive for causing/cause spam/harmful messages in 2005.
    59. In might 2017, Samsung got permission automobilery|to hold} out trials of a self-driving car in South Korea. space Facts
    60. All the letter combos from aortic aneurysm.com to zzz.com have already been registered.
    61. On eBay, there's a mean of $680 value of transactions each second.
    62. It is calculable that spammers solely receive one reply for each twelve million emails that they channelise.
    63. The name web.YouTube.com was registered fourteenth February2005.
    64. Amazon currently sells additional eBooks than it will written books!
    65. Amazon.com was antecedently referred to as Cadabra.com.
    66. The first ever net Service supplier (ISP) was a corporation named CompuServe.
    67. The original universal resource locator for Yahoo was http://akebono.stanford.edu
    68. The name Yahoo was created by ridiculer for his book Gulliver’s Travels (1726) – that explained a “yahoo” to be a very ugly person.
    69. Klingon was accessorial as a Google language choice in 2002.
    70. The first country to create drones was Israel, with Israel region Industries heading the charge in terms of export numbers.
    71. In 1984, the amount of net devices reached one,000. By 1992, it reached one million, and in 2008, the amount of net devices reached one billion!
    72. In 1999, PayPal was voted mutually of the highest 10 worst business concepts.
    73. 97% of individuals sort in random words on Google, simply to visualize if they spelled it right.
    74. There square measure over thirty five billion Google searches each month.
    75. The first and first word that was ever (world) automatic-corrected or correct was “teh” to “the”. You corrected it by pressing the left arrow and F3.
    76. In 1993, Soviet traveler Aleksandr A. Serebrov took his Nintendo Game Boy to house, on the TM-17 house mission. Later, it had been auctioned for $1,220 and is alleged to possess orbited Earth three,000 times.
    77. The word “Android” suggests that somebody's with a male golem look.
    78. In 2000, the FIFA 2001 game used Scratch & Sniff technology on their discs; it had the scent of a arena turf on the disc.
    79. Phantom Vibration Syndrome is that the name given once somebody thinks their phone is vibratory however isn’t.
    80. The Comic Sans font is wide referred to as the world’s most detested font.
    81. Apple have a ‘smoking’ ban concerning their computers, which suggests if you smoke whereas exploitation associate Apple pc, you void the warrant.
    82. Using your phone whereas it's on charge will harm the battery; this is often why the leads for the chargers square measure thus short.
    83. In 1973, the terribly 1st portable decision was created by Martin Cooper, World Health Organization was associate worker of Motorola. the decision was made of the streets of recent royal house town.
    84. Nokia was supported or supporting in eighteen sixty-five (1865) and its primary business was producing or manufacturing paper. Nokia’s 1st mobile phones were discharged within the 1980’s.
    85. The first industrial text message was sent in Gregorian calendar month 1992.
    86. Technophobia is that the worry of technology.
    87. Almost [*fr1] the world’s population has ne'er created a telephone call.
    88. There square measure Braille accessories for sensible phones.
    89. The most high-priced variety ever oversubscribed was a portable variety, 666-6666, that was place up for auction and oversubscribed for $2.7 million!
    90. Originally, the look for the primary iPhone was virtually the form of associate apple.
    91. Facebook incorporates a blue colour scheme as a result of the creator, Mark Zuckerberg cannot see the colours red .
    92. Around 2 hundredth of all YouTube videos square measure music connected.
    93. If you discover a security bug in Facebook’s code, they're willing to pay from $500 for you to inform them concerning it!
    94. It is calculable that one in each eight couples within the U.S. World Health Organization went on to marry one another met on-line.
    95. Someone on Twitter World Health Organization incorporates a million or additional followers is thought as a “Twillionaire”.
    96. In the 1990’s, the japanese company Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutionscreated associate ATM machine that heats bills to 200°C so bacterium is killed before dispensing them.
    97. Google’s 1st ever Tweet on Twitter was in February 2009, and reads “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.” Translating from binary into English, this tweet says “I’m feeling lucky.”
    98. Google+ was developed below the code name ‘Emerald Sea’.
    99. Remember MySpace? Well it still has over two hundred million registered users.
    100. Facebook took or take two 2 years to achieve or get a market audience of fifty million 50000000M.
    101. 60% of LinkedIn members have clicked one amongst their adverts.
    102. Spending one hour each day on Social Media reduces the chance of a baby being utterly proud of their life by Bastille Day.
    103. PCs passed the name “Electronic Brains” within the Fifties.
    104. Email has been around longer than the planet Wide internet.
    105. HP, Google, Microsoft and Apple have only 1 factor in common, aside from the very fact that they're IT firms. They were all started in garages.
    106. Bill Gates’ house was designed used a macintosh pc.
    107. There square measure just about 6000 new viruses free monthly.
    108. Computer programming is presently one among the quickest growing occupations associated with technology.
    109. 28% of IT professionals hide their career from friends and family to urge out of giving free school support.
    110. The thirtieth of Gregorian calendar month is understood as “Computer Security Day”.
    111. Technophobia is that the concern of technology, Nomophobia is that the concern of being while not a portable, simple phobia is that the concern of computers.
    112. The original name of Windows was Interface Manager.
    113. The internet is ten,000+ days previous. For the precise quantity of days, you'll be able to visit here.
    114. Currently, the world’s largest Winchester drive could be a 60TB SSD.
    115. The Apple II had a tough drive of solely five megabytes once it had been free.
    116. 51% of net traffic is “non-human”. thirty-first is formed up from hacking programs, spammers and malicious phishing.
    117. The first pc was nearly a pair of.5 meters high and weighed nearly thirty,000kg.
    118. The name Google was created accidentally. An orthography error was created by the first founders United Nations agency were underneath the impression they were going for a cardinal.
    119. The average mortal blinks seven times a moment, but [*fr1] the conventional rate of twenty.
    120. The first electronic device was made-up by Doug Engelbart and it had been inscribed from wood.
    121. Over 3.8 billion folks use the net nowadays, that is four-hundredth of the world’s population.
    122. 8 billion devices are connected to the net by 2020.
    123. More than 570 new websites area unit created each minute.
    124. There area unit over three.5 billion searches per day on Google.
    125. Every minute twenty four hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. a lot of video content is uploaded to YouTube during a 60-day amount than the 3 major U.S. tv networks created in sixty years.
    126. By 2020, video can account for regarding eightieth of all net traffic.
    127. 340,000 tweets area unit sent per minute.
    128. 500 million tweets area unit sent per day.
    129. Facebook has quite a pair of billion active users WHO have a median of a hundred and fifty five friends.
    130. There area unit quite three hundred million photos uploaded to Facebook on a daily basis, 800 million likes per day, and one hundred seventy five million love reactions per day.
    131. Your on-line name and privacy worst enemies area unit WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
    132. Facebook could be a divorce lawyers succor. In fact, one in seven divorces area unit blessed on Facebook.
    133. Over 4.2 billion information records were purloined in a pair of016
    134. More than eighty eight million folks are born this year. they'll change state into a knowledge and algorithmic program economy.
    135. We area unit within the age of huge information. sixteen zettabytes (16×1021) of distinctive new information created worldwide in 2016.
    136. 90% of the world’s information has been created within the last couple years.
    137. 250 million hours of TV shows and films area unit watched daily via Netflix
    138. More than fifty six million hours of music is streamed daily.
    139. We pay quite thirty three million hours enjoying the sport League of Legends
    140. The amount of technical info is doubling each a pair of years. faculty kids|for college students} beginning a 4-year technical or college degree, this suggests ½ of what they learn in their 1st year of study are noncurrent by their third year of study.
    141. There area unit presently seven.5 billion folks on the earth and in 2050 there'll be ten billion folks.
    142. In 1900 14 July of the population lived in cities. In 2017 fifty four of the population lives in cities.
    143. Every minute seven babies area unit born within the North American nation, thirty two babies area unit born in China, and forty seven babies area unit born in Bharat.
    144. 25% of the population in China with the very best IQ’s is bigger than the population in North America… in Bharat it’s the highest twenty eighth. each China and Bharat have a lot of honor youngsters than North America has youngsters.
    145. For the primary time in history, we've got four generations operating facet by facet. Traditionalist, Boomer, Gen X, and time period. every area unit terribly completely different within the means they grew up act.
    146. A new term has been created, “The Silver Surfer” for those seniors +50 WHO use the net on a frequent basis.
    147. The top in-demand jobs that hardly existed ten years past area unit Digital promoting, Cloud Specialist, Social Media Intern, Fintech Manager, IOS and automaton Developer, Uber Driver, information man of science, huge information designer, Transformation Manager.
    148. We area unit presently making ready students for jobs that don’t exist victimisation technologies that haven’t been invented; so as to resolve issues that we tend to don’t even grasp area unit issues nonetheless.

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