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    20 Random fun and scientific facts about Everything-Top Enigmatic Facts

    #1 Banging your head against a wall for one hour burns one hundred fifty calories.

    Alternatively, you can walk your dog for 45 minutes, which also burns 150 calories - and that's a lot less painful.

    #2 In Switzerland it is illegal to own just one guinea pig.

    The reason for this is that Guinea pigs are social animals, and if they are alone they are considered victims of abuse.

    Why isn't this law everywhere ?!

    #3 Pteronophobia is thought to tickle feathers

    It is also a fear of self-examination. The word "ptero" is the Greek word for wings, and "phobia" is also Greek, which means fear.

    #4 Snakes can help predict earthquakes.

    snake www.myfactshub.com

    They can sense the oncoming earthquake 75 miles (121 km), five days before.

    #5 A herd of crows is known as a murder.

    Some might say that a group of two wells is trying to kill!

    #6 The oldest “your mom” joke was discovered on a 3,500 year old Babylonian tablet.

    It was discovered in Iraq in 1976, but has since disappeared, but the text is safe.

    #7 So far, two diseases have successfully been eradicated: smallpox and rinderpest.

    The last naturally occurring case of smallpox was diagnosed in 1977, and the last case of rinder-pest was diagnosed in 2001.

    #8 29th May is officially “Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day”.

    This strange holiday begins in the early 1900s, where families used to have a cloth in their clothes.

    It is celebrated in Europe and America for bringing good fortune and wealth to the home.

    #9 Cherophobia is an irrational fear of fun or happiness.

    This is a phobia that I would not like ... it probably means they are afraid of these fun facts!

    #10 7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

    I know that 7% doesn't seem like much, but it actually works out to 16.4 million US adults.

    Sounds like a lot right now?

    #11 If--- you lift ---a kangaroo’s tail off the (kdfaljdlfj) ---- ground it can’t hop.

    In turmoil, kangaroos use their own tail to balance, so if you extend their tail, they have no balance and are exhausted.

    #12 Bananas---- are curved because--(kdfjkdfj)-- they grow---- towards the sun.

    Bananas go through a process called "negative geotropism." Instead of moving towards the earth, they begin to move toward the sun.

    The fruit grows against gravity, giving the banana its appearance.

    #13 Billy goats urinate--- on their (23453343) own heads -(kdfdjfldafl)---to smell more--- attractive to females.

    Billy goats or bucks goats are named of male goats.Usually they urinate on themselves during late autumn, and for humans, this is not a pleasant smell.

    #14 The inventor of the Frisbee was cremated and made into a Frisbee after he died.

    Walter Frederick Morrison invented the Pharisee in 1948, originally called Pluto Platter.

    In 2010, he died at the age of 90, and his family abducted him and turned his ashes to Fresby.

    #15 During your ---- lifetime, you will produce enough -(fkjjdslfjlsda)---saliva to fill two swimming ----pools.

    An average person produces 1 to 2 liters of saliva daily, which is a maximum of 730 liters a year.

    The average life expectancy is over 70 years, which produces an average of 51,100 liters of saliva in average life.

    That's more than enough to fill two swimming pools.

    #16 If Panchoiu says "my nose will grow longer", it will create contradictions.

    It's called Pinocchio's Paradox.

    If you think about it, Pinocchio's nose will have to grow in order not to make his statement false, but then it can't grow, otherwise the statement won't lie.

    #17 Polar bears could eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting

    If they don't stay on opposite ends of the earth! Polar bears live in the Arctic, while penguins usually live in Antarctica.

    #18 King Henry 8 slept gigantic axe beside him.

    It was not the only deadly weapon he owned. King Henry VIII had a huge stockpile of weapons, including 6,500 handguns.

    #19 Movie trailers were originally shown after the movie, which is why they were called “trailers”.

    The problem with the trailers appearing after the movie was that the audience did not stroll around to watch them, making the trailers ineffective.

    #20 An eagles  kill a young deers and fly away with it.

    don't underestimate the eagle.


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