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    There are disturbing, mysterious facts in the world that some people may find hard to believe. Unknown trends, and pieces of lost history change almost every day. In this page we show you some of the most amazing things that even the most intelligent minds cannot know.

    1. Two thousand years after his death, a well-preserved ancient human remains of the world were buried in a mysterious liquid that scientists cannot yet replicate.

    lady dice www.myfactshub.com

    Lady Dice of the Han family is the eternal mother of China. His skin was still soft, and his arms and legs could connect with the joints, and are the safest ancient humans to date.

    2. Scientists are still wondering why humans do not have different blood types at all.

    Carl Landsteiner discovered blood types in the early 1900s, and that certain types cannot be found in one another. There are many theories about how these varieties come to us, but the question of why blood types are different in humans, still remains unanswered.

    3. In Australia, the thunderstorm is shining, which is held every afternoon from September to March of every year. It has become the subject of numerous meteorological studies worldwide.

    Hector the Conventor forms almost every afternoon on the Tewi Island in the Northern Territory of Australia. Typically, from September to March of each year, it reaches an altitude of about 20 km. It is said to be due to the near sea winds.

    4. A skeleton 6-8 inches tall was found outside Chile's former city.

    Hard teeth, bulging head, and loose skin most thought it was foreign. Only after it was declared human, did the question arise to explain its size, mutations and origin. None of these answers were ever received.

    5.About 90 different commercial planes have disappeared in the last seven decades.

    The mystery of what happens to nearly a hundred different aircraft, without ever having a single piece of debris continue to amaze people today. No one knows where they went, or what happened to the missing planes.

    6. In 1973, two men arrived at a sheriff's office claiming that aliens had been abducted by Lobster claw hands.

    Charles Hixon and Calvin Parker were catching fish when they said they had been taken. He spoke in annoying voices about the kidnapping, told the same story (though he was in different rooms), and Hickson passed the polygraph test.

    7. In 1876 it rained meat in a Kentucky area near Rankin in Bath County.

    The "Kentucky Meat Shower" meat was studied by the New York Scientific Association and consisted of one of the lung tissues found in horses or newborns (both structures are quite similar), muscle tissue, and cartilage.

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