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    Facttechz facts about Human body top enigmatic facts

    The one mysterious thing of the world is human body. Now here you increase your knowledge about your own body. OK! LET'S START.
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    #It is also possible to brush your teeth more aggressively. Doing so can cause the enamel to wear down and make teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods.

    #Goose bumps were made for our ancestors' hair to stand, making them more prone to predators.

    #Wisdom teeth do not have any purpose. They left hundreds of thousands of years ago. As the brains of the early humans grew larger, it reduced the space in the mouth, thus causing the third set of beard to flare up.

    #Scientists aren't exactly sure why we are in yawn, but it can help regulate body temperature.

    #Your nails don't actually grow after they die.

    #If they were eliminated, all blood vessels in the human body would surround the earth four times.

    #Man is the only animal with chins.

    #Upon inhalation, most of the air is passing in and out of a fissure. After every few hours, the work load shifts to another.

    #Blood makes up about 8% of your body weight.

    #The human nose can detect about 1 trillion odors.

    #You have two kidneys, but only one is necessary to survive.

    #The belly button grows special special hair to catch the lint.

    #The satisfying sound of breaking your knock comes from gas bubbles bursting into your joints.

    #Skin is the largest organ in the body and comprises 15% of a person's weight.

    #Thumbs have their own pulse.

    #Your tongue consists of eight knotted muscles, similar to the elephant trunk or octopus tent.

    #At the genetic level, more than 99% of all humans are alike.

    #The feet is one of the most complicated part of the body.

    #The abnormal muscles in the eye are the fastest muscles in the body. They let both of your eyes twitch in the same direction for the same 50 milliseconds of movement.

    #A surgical procedure called selective amygdalohypko chemectomy removes half of the brain's amygdala and makes it feel like a patient.

    #The pineal gland, which secretes the hormone melatonin, derives its name from the form of pine nut.

    #The hair grows fast - about 6 inches per year. The only thing that grows rapidly in the body is the bone marrow.

    #No one really knows who the fingerprints are for, but they can help us to rip water, prevent blisters or improve contact.

    #In the average human age, the heart beats more than 3 billion times.

    #The embarrassment is due to the adrenaline rush.

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