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    Interesting Facts About Technology that will blow your mind

    Technology has been a crucial contribution to our world. while the technology has been created by humans, however still we'd like all the technology these days. thus these days you may learn ten fascinating facts concerning technology. you scan it until finish, you may am passionate about it.

    01. land word for panda is 'Firefox', that is wherever the browser gets its name from – therefore the Firefox emblem is truly a panda, not a fox.

    02. dynamic  fonts will save your printer ink. there ar some fonts - Century Gothic, Calibri, Times New Roman etc. capital of Texas is additionally one among them, that is specifically designed to save lots of the maximum amount ink as potential whereas holding readability.

    03. the primary mobile phone sold-out within the us is Motorola DynaTac 8000x. Its fabricated by Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973. it had been sold-out in 1983.

    04. 2 hundred and twenty million plenty of previous computers and alternative technology devices ar trashed within the us every year.

    05. There ar half dozen.8 billion individuals on the world and four billion of them use a mobile phones. only 3.5 billion of them use a toothbrush.

    06. November thirty is International pc Security Day (ICSD), each day that aims to lift awareness and inform society concerning the importance of protective each company and private pc resources so as to stop the misuse of economic and private knowledge, and even fraud.

    07. In Japan ninetieth of mobile phones ar waterproof. In Japan, you cannot sell a phone if it isn't waterproof. concerning ninety to ninety five p.c of all phones sold-out currently ar already waterproof, as a result of individuals of there use mobile phones in shower and swimming pools.

    8. In 2012 apple sold-out 340,000 iphones each single day.

    09. TIL that carrier pigeons beat net transfer speed as late as in 2010. they truthfully sent pigeons over with USB sticks constant time he started uploading a video over broad -- band and also the pige--ons won.

    10. In 2012, NYU-Poly made a robotic fish and placed it during a tank of golden shiners. The automaton simulated the fishes' motions thus well, it had been eventually accepted and have become their leader.

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