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    Snail Winter Hibernation Sleep Duration,Top Enigmatic Facts

    Do you know? How many photos and ads of Watches in this world, in all watches, have time at 10:10 O'clock. And there is one place in Africa where 2011 year yet continues. In this article, you will know such amazing Facts you never forget in life, so read completely.

    Top Enigmatic Facts:

    #1. Rain starting, and if cloud electricity fully dropped on your head, then your skin temperature increases 27800 celsius for a few seconds. Mean's that 5 times heater than sun temperature.

    #2. Honey is the only thing that's cannot be defective if it takes for 1 day, 10 days and for 10 years.

    #3. Ostrich name bird, it's eye is bigger than it' brain. what a fact!

    #4. Pig animals never look at the sky. It is impossible for him.

    #5. According to the University of Chicago research in 1915 the yellow color more attractive to human eyes than other colors. Yellow color human eye fast capture. After these research yellow color taxes start and people use yellow color in youtube thumbnails. The other fact about yellow color increases your hungry, for this reason, a big food company uses yellow color in their loges.

    #6. 120-year-old happy birthday to you song is actually copyrighted and it's owner Warner Chappell. Mean's that without his permission you cannot use it ever. But everyone uses it, you break the rule. OMG!

    #7. When you had a baby then your body bones about 350 but the time passed your body bones decrease and interlinked with each other so, the age of 18, your body number of bones 206.

    #8. In any watch, it has time 10:10. Look at any advertisement or search on the internet about the watch you will see that has time 10:10 it's because of very symmetrical time and your brain likes it.

    #9. Tickle yourself impossible because when you tickle yourself then your brain before understands it that you perform some activity on yourself. And when some other tickle you then you feel it.

    #10. How much do you write on your pencil? If you draw a straight line on the typical pencil until the end of the pencil nib the distance covered 56km.

    #11. Every dream has a unique meaning. If you come to a ghostly dream then it's mean your brain needs rest. Such a bad dream come with you it's mean that in your real-life something doing, which you fear from it. Mean that your brain in a misbalanced stat. The brain is typically watching a positive dream if it means to have or not. So leave your work for a few hours and relax.

    #12. In one Octopus have three hearts, nine brains and blood color is blue.

    #13. YOU did not notice that in Monalisa paint have no eyebrows.

    #14. One Snail can sleep for three years.

    #15. If you cut the head of the cockroach then it lives for seven days. What!

    #16. How many minutes you live in water for 1 minute, 2 minutes and ten minutes. Scorpion lives inside the water for 6 days.

    #17. Ethiopia's place in Africa and therein calendar 13 months, means that where 2011 yet continues.

    #18. The research discovered that today's tension and anxiety level of school and college boys and girls equal to mental Asylum patient. it's absolute truth.

    #19. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the first child's brain fast than other children who born after in a family.

    #20. Most studies show's that those people who most intelligent and creative-minded not sleep at night early. They sleep at night very late.

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