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    Facts About the Internet History

    Nowadays the internet can grow more than your thinking. There are millions and billion of the website can visit in every minute. Some of the interesting website facts are given below. So let's start.

    Facts About Internet History!


    #1: Did you Know! According to Google, the internet has 5 Million Terabyte Data in 2010. But the surprising fact is that google itself said that they had indexed data only 0.004% is present on the internet.
    But As of October, 14th 2018, there are 4.46 Billion pages existed on the Internet. it's very HUGE.

    #2: This is another fact about the internet history that in October 2018 there are 1.9 billion-plus websites on the internet.
    #3: As on 14th October 2018 the number of Tumblr blogs is 441 million on the web.
    #4: In 2018 existed the number of WordPress blogs and business websites is 75.8 million.
    #5: READ this fact about internet history is that in a single day there are 5 lac-plus blog posts that are published on the internet.
    #6: In single day 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram every day but the heartbreaking things are that 70% of Instagram posts don't get seen.

    #7: The users of the internet used 1 zettabyte bandwidth in 2016.

    1 ZB (zettabyte) = 1000 EB (exabytes), a billion TB (terabytes), or GB ( gigabyte). It is estimated that in the year 2021, 82% of IP traffic will be videos, predicts Cisco. this is the Facts About the Internet History.

    #8: 4/7 billion people on earth is already online.

    In 2018 according to internet live stats, the users of the internet is 4,045,421,895 but in 2020 the stats of internet users is to 4,506,555,471 (four billion five hundred six million five hundred fifty-five thousand four hundred seventy-one) on 19th merch, 2020. It means that day by day there is a huge increase in traffic on the internet. 

    #9: Every day 85000+ websites are hacked.

    Joomla and WordPress are the most affected content management system (CMS) on the web. 

    #10: On the internet there 5000 Domain names registered on every single hour.

    If we multiply this in whole day hours so the result 5000x24=120000 in one day and if we multiply in the month the result will be 120000x30=360000 and in annually 360000x12=43200000 (43 million domains are registered in 1 year.) I WONDERED! 75% Domains are parked or not resolving, for this reason, your desired domain .com not fined.

    #11: 30% population of the earth is Facebook users.

    Facebook gains 2.234 billion users. 1.74 billion active users on mobile used social networks in 2018. 

    Half of the internet traffic is now traffic on Facebook.

    #12: The 1st Email was sent in 1971.

    The US programmer Ray Tomlinson sent the first email who invented the E-mail system. "@" symbol was used to signify that the email was sent to a person, not a dumb machine means that computer. The sad thing is that what was the exact email words.

    #13: 250 billion Emails were sent out daily. 

    This shocking number isn't done by humans. The fact is that 81% of emails are spam sent using automated sources. It's mean that 200 billion emails are sent every day. The First email was sent in 1978. It was an advertisement for a presentation DEC ( Digital Equipment Corporation) system 2020. The 600 recipients contained in this email and all of them were unhappy to receive it.

    #14: On the Internet, the first website is still online.

    The First website Name is info.cern.ch, and it is still online. It is a basic language of the web HTML site, it contains a few sentences and paragraphs. The page was written with the help of the first version of the HTML language. 

    #15: The first name of twitter was twttr.

    The First time twitter describe as SMS-based social networking, the first version of twitter character limit is 140 and currently is 280 limit. 

    #16: The First Tweet writes by J Dorsey on 21-mar-2006.

    The first tweet on twitter like this " JUST SETING UP MY Twttr". Now the site's most popular and 335 million active users who sent 500 million tweets in a single day.

    #17: Garfield the cartoon firstly offers it's own e-mail services.

    Yes, you read right once Garfield the cartoon offers his own email service the service name Gmail.com. But later google buy this service and renamed and we all know today as Gmial.com or Google Mail.

    #18: On YouTube, every single minute the 400 hours video content is uploaded.

    In how much time you read this paragraph, in this time on Youtube 1600+ hours content uploaded. If we multiply in whole day hours the resulted figure: 576000 hours video content upload in a day. If we look at google's top 10 websites that should rank with more traffic the Youtube is the second more visiting site and it is the world's 1st video sharing site. The average Internet user spent 4 hours on Youtube every month. 
        There Copyright system is very complex the 100 years old video checks their Copywrite issues and detects them. Yes, this is a fact about the history of the internet.

    #19: 4.9 Billion Apps existed in play and apple store combine.

    The result shows in 2016 that play store receipt over 75 billion downloads but the app store recorded it 25 billion downloads.

    #20: About 80% of images on google images are NAKED WOMEN.

    Internet attracted to naked content and explicit materials. some facts about naked content.
    Twelve percent of all existing site is NSFW (Not Safe For Work).
    1/3 download is NSFW.
    Most consumption day is a Sunday.
    In a second adult industry earn about $3000.

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